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Latina:Holiday Tips in Latina - Itri

Latina is the capital of the Province of Latina and is one of the richest areas in Latium for history, tradition and culture.

It was built in 1932 on the dried lands of the Paludi Pontine and named "Littoria".
It ...... (go on)

Roma:Itinerary Rome - LUCRETILI and Palombara Sabina

Itinerary Rome - LUCRETILI and Palombara Sabina, tradition and culture in Rome.

A short visit to this nice village before entering Lucretili Mountains' Regional Park, until Palombara Sabina, last stage of this itinerary...... (go on)

Latina:Itinerary Sperlonga - Latina Tours

Comes from the natural caves (speluncae) which look over the sea, the most famous of which is the cavern of Tiberius.

Sperlonga is a small settlement entrenched around the top of the rocky headland of Monte Magno, ...... (go on)