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EASTER CELEBRATIONS Rome - church in Italy


Pilgrims turn to Rome...
Even though Rome is one of Europe's most populous and busiest urban centers, its spiritual attractions, the churches that tower ...... (go on)

October in Latium, Rome Fantastic opportunities

Many events and Offers in Rome in October, Week End in Rome

Visit Villa Borghese (Rome Weel End)

The original sculptures and paintings in the Borghese Gallery date back to Cardinal Scipione's collection, the son of ...... (go on)

Vacations Easter in Latium, cheap tours in Latium!

This year the Easter in Latium is a Fantastic opportunity for your Vacations, Easter in Latium and cheap tours in Latium.

As with almost all "Christian" holidays, Easter has been secularized and commercialized. The ...... (go on)

Travel in Latium for your holidays 2015

2015 in Latium is a fantastic region, Travel Packages to Latium (Lazio)

Lazio is found in central Italy, located on the Tyrrhenian Sea. It borders with Tuscany, Marches, Umbria, Abruzzi, Campania and Molise. In...... (go on)

Last Minute Latium (Tours and visit Latium)

The history of Latium (Last Minute and Tours)

The ancient history of Latium is closely linked to that of Rome. Before the foundation of the city the area was inhabited by a varied population, most important ...... (go on)
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